Custom Fonts

Here are some examples of how we work, both for our catalog and for our wonderful clients.

CustomFonts-WEB 0000 GrayBkgd

Google Developers

A flexible family of fonts called Portamento.


Psychonauts 2

A set of delightfully wonky font families for a beloved video game.

LM Mobile-CustomPage Scribbles Psychonauts2CaseStudy


A collection of 92 fonts made exclusively for a brand recognized around the world.

LM Mobile-CustomPage Scribbles SbuxCaseStudy


A toolkit of custom fonts inspired by 16th century handwriting for Obsidian Entertainment’s latest RPG for PC and Xbox.

LM Mobile-CustomPage Scribbles PentimentCaseStudy

Really Sans

A multi-functional sans serif designed to charm at all sizes.

RS-Mobile Custom Page Scribble


An eye-catching pair of sans and serif typefaces made to perform in many applications, from a phone screen to a NASCAR vehicle wrap.

LM Mobile-CustomPage Scribbles RootCaseStudy

The Fifty-
Nine Parks
Print Series

Twenty-six letters that have found their way into wonderful artistic company to help create a contemporary vision of nostalgia.

LM Mobile-CustomPage Scribbles CatlinSansCaseStudy

California Academy of Sciences

A new slab serif inspired by the collections of one of the most respected natural history museums in the world.

LM Mobile-CustomPage Scribbles BezziaCaseStudy

Drop us a line to see if a custom font might be right for your next project.