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Font licensing often seems complicated. We’ve tried to make it simpler, and easier to understand.

License —circle When you ’buy’ fonts, you’re really buying a license, and agreeing to some terms about how you can and can’t use them.
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Let’s take a

look at the basics

Lettermatic offers three different license tiers. We'll help you understand which one is right for you.

Individual license


Are you a freelance designer? This license is made for you, with your uses and your budget in mind. Use our fonts in any project you like; just remember to have your client buy their own license afterward!

Company license


Our Company License is based on the total number of people working in your company. This way, you never have to worry about which employees are covered by a license; everyone at your company can use the fonts!

Mobile license


Hey, we used to be students too, and we've got a special license just for you. You can use our fonts in your class projects, free of charge, and upgrade to another license later on.

02—Where can I use these fonts?

A practical guide to using our fonts.



Logos & Packaging

Lettermatic fonts are a great choice in any application. Many of our fonts come with optical sizes, so your text will look great at any scale.

Featuring Parclo Serif



Our licenses all allow you to use Lettermatic fonts on the web. Upload the web font files to your server, write a little HTML, a little CSS, and you're up and running.

Featuring Parclo Sans

LM apps and games v01


Apps + games

You can use Lettermatic fonts in mobile app interfaces, as long as users can't create their own designs using the fonts.

Featuring Really Sans


Books + posters

Lettermatic fonts can be used in any printed material you can imagine. You can even share the font files with your printer, as long as they only use the fonts in producing your project.

Featuring Bezzia

books and posters

03—How can I use these fonts?

Is this allowed?



If you are working with a design agency, print shop, or web developer, they are covered by your license and you can share the font files with them. They just have to promise to only use the fonts for your project!


You can modify the glyphs in our fonts however your heart desires — just don't turn them back into a font file, please!
modifying fonts
Agree to agree

Agree to agree

Don’t give the fonts to anyone who isn’t covered by a license. Pretty straightforward, right?

Feeling lost? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!